This page and these workshops sprung from the aftermath and feedback from my presentation on wedding reception lighting at Inspire Boston 2011. The brainchild of my friends Matt & Enna Grazier, the Inspire Seminars are a fantastic opportunity for learning for both new and old photographers – and even better a great time to connect and swap ideas with tons of great local shooters. The thing is though, while Inspire is a great chance to learn about a ton of subjects in 2.5 days, some people need a little more personalized learning experience.

Because I really, really want my students to feel as though they’re getting their money’s worth, groups are very limited in size, and the curriculum is very highly customizable. While you’re more than welcome to use any of my equipment while we shoot, we’ll focus on using your gear, and if you’re missing pieces or are in the market for new gear, I’ll point you in the right (and not always the most expensive) direction to help round out your kit.

I’ve been lucky enough to teach more than 100 of these small seminars in the last few years, and I’ve learned a lot myself as a teacher. This series of workshops is ever evolving, and fully customizeable, largely based on real world issues I’ve encountered these past 7 years photographing at dark wedding venues across Boston and New England.

There are two different options to get your learn on:

Option 1: $500, one student, 3 hours. 

  • In this one-on-one setting we’ll cover the soup to nuts about using flash, absolutely everything. Wedding reception lighting, portrait lighting, modifiers, high speed sync, wireless triggers, lighting diagrams, headshot lighting, dramatic lighting, group photos, gels for color correction and dramatic effect, what cameras and lenses and why, TTL vs. Manual flash, dealing with reflections, mastering bounce flash, how to reverse engineer other photographer’s images and more.
  • The beauty of the one-on-one setting will be that it’s 100% your own. If you already understand the flash/ambient relationship, we’ll skip it. Don’t care about lighting weddings? We can skip that too. A few days prior to the workshop I’ll e-mail you a questionnaire to gauge your lighting experience, your skill set and what areas you’d like to concentrate on and then I’ll fully customize the material (and notes that you’ll receive copies of) to fit the areas you’ve indicated you’d like to cover.
  • After we wrap you’ll have two homework assignments and a month to shoot them, then we’ll setup a meeting or phone call to review and critique the results.
  • Also includes membership in a private Facebook group where I answer workshop and lighting related questions.

Option 2: $300, 3 students, 3 hours.

  • Grab some friends for this one – similar to option 1, except there will be no follow-up assignments. The material we’ll cover will still be 100% customizable. I’m also happy to put together the groups as I gauge interest and schedules.
  • Also included is membership in a private Facebook group where I answer workshop and lighting related questions.


New: Pricing for Corporate and Commercial Photography $150/hour

  • Also customizable, this workshop can be held in person or over Skype. Similar to the lighting class in that I’ll send you a questionnaire and suggested reading list before we meet, we can cover any and all of the following:
    • Marketing and promotions for commercial and editorial clients
    • Pricing and estimating for corporate and commercial clients
    • Contracts and documents
    • Increasing the profitability of your business
    • Reaching the target clients that will best respond to your work

Workshops can take place Sunday-Thursday depending on availability and must be scheduled at least a week in advance. Interested? E-mail me at