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Professional, easy going and talented!

My husband and I booked Doug following a recommendation by mutual friends that hired him as their wedding photographer. From my very first inquiry, Doug was always quick to respond, personable and professional.
We first met Doug in person for our engagement photos, when it POURED rain the entire day. Working with Doug that day, you would never know the difference between a sunny day and our torrential downpour engagement session - he was easy going, excited about our shoot and maintained high energy the entire afternoon. My husband and I were a bit nervous that our photos would appear awkward, since neither of us had any experience taking professional photos, but Doug's calming energy and friendly personality put us right at ease, and we loved our engagement photos!

Doug stayed in contact throughout our engagement, and when the time came to do the final pre-wedding meeting, he was well prepared and thorough in his plans.

Working with Doug on our wedding day was a pleasure! Thanks to Doug's pre-wedding drive by and prep, we avoided a group photo location that was being used for another wedding (we had no idea!) We would have lost almost 30-minutes at our reception, if he hadn't checked out the location.

Doug and his assistant for the day, Matt, were a blast to work with, and made everyone feel comfortable. Our wedding photos came out absolutely beautiful, and we are grateful to have these memories captured by such talented photographers.

I cannot speak highly enough of Doug. He is professional, friendly, and highly talented. We were lucky to have him as a part of our big day!

We lucked out. Big time. We only met with one other photographer before we found Doug, so needless to say, our search was quick and painless. During the first few minutes of our initial conversation, he hit all the topics we planned to bring up and answered all our questions before we had a chance to ask. We didn't realize it at the time, but hiring Doug was our best and easiest decision of the whole wedding planning process.

There will most likely be some vendors that make you feel like a number rather than a client, but any possibility of that went out the window during our engagement shoot with Doug. Being born and raised in New England, snowy winters have played a huge role in our lives. So when Doug suggested a snow tubing engagement shoot, we happily agreed. After about 20 minutes of shooting us from the bottom of the hill, Doug decided that he needed to be closer to the action. Without hesitation, he scavenged a flimsy, plastic, abandoned snow saucer, followed us to the top of the hill, and proceeded to take photos from his sled....plummeting down the hill...backwards. After countless wipe-outs, the sled finally disintegrated, and the resulting photos were pure magic.

The wedding itself was a piece of cake after that, and as a huge bonus, he posted the photos 3 DAYS after the wedding! The toughest part of the entire process was putting together an album from the infinite number of fantastic moments that Doug captured. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

My husband and I knew the aesthetic we were looking for from our photos when we began our search for photographers. We were looking for someone who’s pictures told a story and captured both the emotion of a moment and personality of the subject - someone who excelled in documenting the in between moments and candid shots as opposed to point and shoot “staged photos”.

After much research on Wedding Wire, wedding expos and Pinterest we were lucky to find Doug. A former professional baseball umpire, Doug changed careers (to the benefit of brides and grooms). He is an easy going guy who encourages you to be yourself, letting his talent create the opportunity for the perfect shot.

He is an incredible communicator with the fastest turn around projects I have ever seen. Within one week of our engagement photos and two weeks of our wedding the proofs were in our hand. He went above and beyond and created two versions of each photo on our USB drive – one sized for social media and one for large prints. Every photo from our wedding captured the essence of our family and friends – so much so that every candid shot we shared with people immediately became their Facebook profile or cover photo.

Doug is highly regarded in the Boston photography community for his professionalism, technical skill and willingness to teach and support his peers. He is a man with so much integrity and love for the profession. My father was mentoring a business school student building a photography business and Doug spent a significant amount of time on a conference call sharing his expertise to better prepare this student for their project.

That is the kind of guy Doug is. He goes above and beyond – giving 110% exceeding his high standard of excellence every time. I would recommend him in a heartbeat and wish that cloning were possible so more brides and grooms would get the opportunity to work with him!

Doug Levy is an incredibly talented photographer and story teller. He was quietly capturing true and deeply emotional moments during our wedding without us ever noticing that we were being photographed. He was able to blend in so that I never felt that I had to pose for the camera. At the end, I received photographs where my husband and I actually look like ourselves. Somehow, he was able to take photo's of me without my ugly cry face, which I wore the entire time!

Doug didn't exclusively take lovely candid photos either. He also took some of those traditional staged family portraits, which are typically quite boring and go into a frame at the bottom of a drawer. I wish I could post the photo here, but Doug captured one of the greatest family portraits I've ever seen. In the course of just a moment, my 2-year-old nephew burst into laughter, and the rest of us started genuinely laughing alongside. Doug snapped the photo at just that time, and amazingly our entire family looks gleeful and bursting with happiness, as we actually felt on that day. I never thought I could love a "traditional" photo so much!

Beyond his beautiful photography, Doug was incredibly fair and transparent in his pricing and terms. He went far above and beyond my expectations when accommodating some of my particular requests. Photography is an extremely important part of planning a wedding because the day goes by so fast that these photos replace your own memories. I could not have been happier with my choice of photographer, and thanks to Doug Levy, I have a collection of beautiful memories to reflect on for the rest of my life.

Probably one of the most difficult decisions of the entire wedding planning process was picking a photographer. It felt like we looked at every photographer in New England’s portfolio over and over again and every time we came back to Doug’s, his ability to capture the natural, candid moments really shined through. In our initial meeting with him it was immediately clear that he was the right photographer for us. His passion for photography was abundantly evident. You could tell by the way he described how a particular photo we really liked came to fruition that this was a guy who really had an eye for the dramatic, that there was nothing he wouldn’t do to get the ultimate shot. His stories of umpiring baseball kept the whole meeting loose and fun, I could’ve picked his brain for hours of who he’s seen come up through the minors, the superstars whose games he worked. It was more like hanging out with a friend than a meeting to hire a wedding photographer, a trait we particularly liked.

Weddings can be stressful enough without having to deal with an uppity photographer. In addition, Doug’s turnaround time when answering questions was always immediate. We were blessed with a beautiful wedding day, 65 degrees in November doesn’t happen too often. My main concern with it being so late into fall is the lack of foliage, by then many trees had shed their leaves and I was afraid of having that bare, dead look in the background of our photos. What really stood out to me is Doug’s ability to adapt to the environment. His natural talent shined through when picking the spots to maximize color and contrast, setting us up with that one tree still holding on to the reds and yellows of Fall and making it look like we were in the midst of the beautiful peak foliage of New England. You’d never know by looking through our photos that most of the trees were bare of leaves by then which was our biggest fear.

Through the whole night Doug was completely transparent. There are more than a few photos taken where I didn’t even know he was there taking photos and wondered how he was able to get right into the middle of everything and remain completely invisible. Every candid photo he took has a laugh or a smile, looking back through the photos almost transports you back to each moment as if you’re living it in the present. There’s no forced cheesy, “smile for the camera” smiles, they’re all natural and raw and a testament of his skill to remain in the shadows without missing a single moment.

I would highly recommend Doug to anyone in search of a wedding photographer. His wife Jess who mans the lights and his #2 for the day Ben were just as easy and talented to work with as Doug. He really put together an all-star team for our wedding. And to be honest, even if he wasn’t such a good guy and so loose and easy to work with, his pictures speak for themselves. We couldn’t be happier with how our photos came out and show them off with pride to anyone who’s willing to look at them. Further proof of Doug’s skill is in the reaction we get from anyone who’s seen our photos; they’ve all said that same thing, that our photographer did an amazing job.

(As I write this) we were married seven weeks ago and I feel badly it has taken me this long to write this review for Doug. Doug absolutely amazes with his promptness and responsiveness and I figure we owe him that much in return to write a review with some timeliness.

The simple truth is this: Doug is an absolute pleasure to work with. Many of the comments you read about Doug will be about how easy he is to work with, how nice he and his wife are, how quickly he responds in communication, how flexible he is, how quickly he produces your finished product, how easy and fun he makes the whole experience, and how all of your guests will love him too. All of those things are true, and all are true to an impressive degree.

So, with all of those great praises, the best compliment I can pay Doug is that he is a true artist and technician when it comes to his craft. He is passionate about photography and it shows in his work. He is committed to the latest techniques and latest equipment. His enthusiasm for his work allows him to produce great shots. He doesn't use cheesy Photoshopping or effects. He just produces flat-out quality shots.

I didn't want to share with everyone just how fast Doug was able to produce our final product for both our engagement shots and wedding because I didn't want to create an unnecessarily high expectation for future clients. So let me just say - you won't be disappointed with his responsiveness.

I have never hired anyone to do anything and have been more pleased as I was with Doug as our photographer.

No words can express how wonderful it was to work with Doug Levy. From the first email interaction with him, we had a great feeling, and after a personal meeting at his home, we cancelled all other appointments we had set up with other photographers and signed our contract. The thing we valued most about Doug, was his promptness with response times. There was never once that I emailed, texted, or called Doug, where I didn't get a reply in under 10 minutes. As a huge added bonus, he was just as prompt with his editing.

We had our engagement photos to see the next day, and wedding photos were done within 5 days. We got to see them on the first day of our honeymoon, which was really special. We always felt at ease and taken care of, knowing he would have everything covered. Additionally, his creativity and artistic eye for capturing each moment, from our engagement session to wedding day, left us with stunning photos that make us feel like we are reliving the moments over and over again.

At the wedding, Doug, Ben, and his wife (who works as his assistant, which is so cool), were professionally dressed, super flexible, and allowed us to give our ideas of different shots we might want, as well as take the reigns for what he knew would look great. We would hands down go as far to say that if you don't use Doug, you're missing out!

I cannot say enough nice things about Doug. From the moment my husband and I met him, we knew we had made the right choice in our wedding photographer. We had fought for weeks over our photographer decision, but as soon as we looked at Doug's online portfolio, we knew we had found our match. When we met with Doug, he understood exactly what we wanted. I explained it as wanting to simply look like a, "Better version of ourselves," and he immediately knew what I was talking about.

I didn't want to do anything crazy or too out of the ordinary, and I didn't want my photos to be super editorial or overly artistic. I wanted photos that captured the day, and I wanted photos that I could frame and share with my family and friends. But most of all, I wanted photos of my husband and I looking like ourselves at our best.

I was very impressed by the amount of thought that Doug put into my wedding. When I spoke with him the week before, he already had a lot of ideas for different photos he wanted to take. Also, Doug and his wife, Jess (who frequently assists him on-site with the equipment), came to my venue early to scope out the space and lighting, and to plan out the best areas for the different types of shots he was going to take. Doug is also very quick on his feet - at the end of the night when I wanted to take pictures outside in the vineyard, which was barely lit by Christmas lights, Doug ran outside to try a few test shots, and in the end we ended up with some really awesome photos.

Although he is only one person, Doug seemed to be everywhere the day of my wedding. He caught all of the special moments; my husband's parents smiling at each other during our ceremony, my 87-year-old grandfather dancing with me, groomsmen playing Frisbee before the ceremony. He also captured all the small details of the day (tables, flowers, decorations, etc.) that I never really got to see or look at until I saw the photos.

It is so clear that Doug absolutely loves what he does, and his love for wedding photography made him the most timely photographer....ever. We received the e-mail that our wedding photos were ready to view while we were still on our honeymoon! We were also immediately able to share all of the photos with our friends and family, who were also blown away at how fast they were available.

The hardest part of working with Doug is that he takes too many nice photos to choose from! We could not be happier with not only the photos, but also the experience we had working with Doug and his wife Jess. In the end, we received both exceptional service and quality photos. We would absolutely recommend Doug Levy to anyone in New England looking for an absolutely awesome wedding photographer.

Doug will be the first to tell you that he can’t promise what your wedding will look like, but I've yet to see a wedding or engagement shoot of his that didn't come out looking beautiful and true-to-life. If your wedding is formal and graceful, it will look formal and graceful. If you have some sort of crazy Star Trek meets Twilight theme, he’ll make sure that it will look as wild and crazy as it sounds.

Our wedding was more on the casual side with plenty of funny moments (both intentional and unintentional), and all of this was captured exactly as we remember it, which is what we wanted. Our reception was running slightly behind schedule, and we hadn't yet had the bouquet and garter toss. Our booked hours for Doug and Jess had just elapsed, and while thanking Doug I mentioned that to him. Without another word, Doug ran to his car, grabbed a camera, and stayed for an additional 30-minutes to make sure he didn't miss either the bouquet or garter toss. Totally awesome, especially since he captured a great moment at the end. 

If you are looking for a photographer that will capture the true emotion and beauty of your wedding day, Doug Levy is it. My husband and I were lucky enough to have Doug recommended for our wedding and we couldn't have been happier with the results.

Doug is truly the difference between ordinary photography and extraordinary photography - my family and friends cannot stop talking about the results. The best part about Doug is that you never feel like you’re posing, stiff or forced, everything is natural. And then you receive your photos and see the most beautiful versions of yourself and you wish he could follow you around everyday. I can't express how amazing he was but just how thankful we were to have him.

We could not have had a better time with Doug - not only did he capture some absolutely magical moments, he was just a blast to work with. We liked him from our first conversation and the whole experience from start to finish was wonderful. As we said to friends and family, find a reason to have him follow you around with a camera - you will be so very glad you did.

Some wedding photographers are very overly-serious about their 'work' and seem to think less about the people and the event - one we talked to assured us that our photos would look like they belonged in Vanity Fair. We didn't want that. We wanted beautiful pictures of people having fun as a record of our happy day. Doug did that and so much more - he is a storyteller with his camera - he captured the mood and the people and the personalities and the special small moments that is what makes a picture come to life.

We were late to our engagement shoot in Salisbury Beach...no, not 5, not 10, not 15-minutes late, but a solid half hour at best. This was our first time meeting Doug and we thought for sure this was not going to be a good start to our wedding week. And boy were we wrong. We were off goofing around the arcade without a hitch, and Doug couldn't have been more personable and accommodating, even if we had been on time. It didn't take long to realize that some playful competition at Joe's Playland, giggling under the beach’s concrete piers, and an impulsive dash into the ocean was the absolute perfect kick-off to the busy week ahead... and less than a day later, we had some amazing photos to prove it!

In all seriousness, though, any normal photographer would've shown at least a hint of annoyance, and probably would have cut the session short, with good reason. We were extremely lucky that Doug is far from your typical photographer, and he delivers incredible photos.

If you're looking for a photographer who radiates expertise in technical knowledge, a passion for creativity, an unobtrusively relaxed presence, and a natural ability to connect with people...if you think you know what you want but could use some level-headed feedback along the way, complete with assurance that the personalized details of your day will all be captured... if you're appreciative of thoughtful extras like a photography book in your mailbox after mentioning the new Nikon you just got, and the above-and-beyonds like taking the time to ask parents of both bride/groom if any additional photos they wanted may have been missed, among many many more...then please, for your own good, look no further and give Doug a call before someone else books him first!!

All of our family and friends cannot stop raving about how perfectly our collection of wedding photos capture the spirit, atmosphere, and overall excitement of the day. Clearly, we could go on and on, but the bottom line is that we will without a doubt recommend Doug to anyone who deserves the highest level of care, and the fastest turn-around of top notch photographs humanly possible.

Doug was absolutely my favorite wedding vendor to work with! He always responded very quickly and friendly to every email, and in the wedding industry, a quick response is like diamonds! He shot my wedding Saturday evening and I received jaw-dropping images just a few days later - amazing!!!

I have never met a more professional, passionate and efficient photographer, he went the extra mile to get every last beautiful shot he could for us. I'm showing off my gallery as fast as I can, with responses like; "breathtaking", "modern bride magazine ad" and, "I wish he was my wedding photographer!" It’s safe to say Doug will be my go-to photographer for life. Working with Doug was fun and effortless and I will recommend him to everyone in need of capturing beautiful memories for life.

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