Things I Love

I may be self-employed and a solopreneur, but it truly takes a team to run a business. With that in mind, I wanted to give credit to the great companies who make the best part of my job (the taking photos part!) easier.

  • Businesses run on cash, and that starts and ends with good bookkeeping and accounting, and since I began photographing full-time in 2009, that’s meant one solution – Cindy Brandt and her team.  I may have a finance degree, but that doesn’t mean I love accounting, and Cindy’s guided me from, “How does this Quickbooks thing work?” to all the recent tax-law changes and never led me astray.
  • Yes cash matters, but with no sales and marketing there’s no cash. And without tracking where your leads are coming from, it’s impossible to know what’s working and what’s a misdirection of funds. I track all that data in collaboration with the powerful team at Honeybook. From an uber-impressive app, to credit card processing and emails, there’s not much Honeybook doesn’t allow a small buisness to do via their platform. And if you find something you can’t do, there’s super receptive to feedback and feature requests. Go here to receive 50% off your first year –
  • USB Memory Direct: In 2009 it was CDs. Then it was DVDs, and in recent years, many photographers have moved to digital downloads for their wedding deliverables. That may be fast and easy, but even for couples who don’t opt for an album, I want them to have something tangible to save their images on. That’s where USB Memory Direct comes in. Since I discarded my last DVDs, I’ve relied on the team at USB Memory Direct to product gorgeous and rugged drives for my clients.
  • Podcasts: There’s nothing better than free knowledge, and even more than YouTube, podcasts have brought vast knowledge to your phone. A few of my desert island pods are: The Moment With Brian Koppelman (creator of Billions & Rounders), Off Camera, How I Built This & The Pitch (which is basically audio Shark Tank).


Disclaimer: Some of these companies and products give me free stuff. I’d use them anyway and none have paid me for their endorsement.