Elyssa & Nick: Married – Beauport Hotel Gloucester

Twice to the same venue in a couple of weeks? That's just an opportunity to discover new cool photos at and around the venue. Just a short time after Laura and Brian's wedding I headed back to Gloucester's Beauport Hotel for Elyssa and Nick's ceremony and wedding. Now this wedding was especially memorable for me for reasons having nothing to do with the bride, groom or venue. What? That doesn't make immediate sense? Well Elyssa's dad is a fellow Springsteen junkie (we won't mention that they managed to get tickets to see Bruce on Broadway, while I failed miserably). Along the way he's managed to indoctrinate the entire family into the congregation of E Street, which made for a reception with more "Born to Run" and less "YMCA." I was joined for this one by good friend Stephen Grigoriou and some of the below images are his. A few favorites from the day. 

Caitlin & Mike: Married – Old Sturbridge Village

"I'm going to need a little more direction from you then at our engagement shoot," that was one of the first things that Caitlin said to me when I arrived at her and Mike's Old Sturbridge Village wedding a few weeks ago. It's not generally a good idea to start your day off lying to your photographer, but in this case...I don't think Caitlin thought it was a lie, even though she couldn't have been more wrong. Being nervous about your wedding photos is totally normal (it might be even a little abnormal if you weren't a touch nervous), but with these two, all day my job was essentially to get out of the way of these two and let the photos happen. A few favorites:

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