About Doug

Things Doug thinks you should know about Doug…

Doug spent six years umpiring professional baseball.

Doug started umpiring Little League games when he was 13.

Doug believes in clean post-production, and that your wedding images are too important to fall victim to the hot Photoshop trends of the moment.

Doug also believes that your photos should show who you are, not just what you look like.

Doug thinks that if you ever find yourself in Birmingham, you need to eat barbeque at Jim ‘n Nicks.

Speaking of traveling, Doug has photographed weddings in every state in New England.

Doug thinks it’s silly when photographers separate their “personal” and “professional” work.

All of Doug’s work is his personal work.

He also thinks more is not necessarily always better. Better is better.

And that the photos should be about your wedding. Your wedding isn’t about photos.

Doug thinks everything tastes better with hot sauce. Except for cereal, that would be weird.

If you look closely during your first dance, there’s a good chance Doug is singing along to himself. Which would be quite embarrassing if the power ever went out.

That’s why Doug can’t tell you what specific photos he’ll make at your wedding.

Doug also knows that there is a Bruce Springsteen song for every occasion.

Including the recessional at his own 2011 wedding.

Doug shot his first wedding in 2007 on Cape Cod.

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