B&J Cycles: Sometimes the best photos are in your backyard

When Jess and I began house hunting last spring, one of the reasons Jess and I even looked in Ayer was the preponderance of new home construction. We're (I) are not exactly the type of folks who could purchase an older home and spend 6-12 months fixing it up. When we found our house, there was a single older home on the street, with an attached Harley Davidson repair garage. I'd had it in my  head for a while that I should head on over and knock on their door, that there had to be a great photo to be had, but with wedding season in full swing, I just didn't have the time. Last week I finally had the opportunity to head over and meet Bob, the owner of B&J Cycles.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, but what I walked into was part motorcycle repair shop, part Harley Davidson museum, and part local historical society. In addition to two Harley's in various states of repair, Bob had a couple of racing bikes, photos dating back to when his was the only house on the block, and more than a few photos on the wall that might make a, um, choir boy squirm. To spend even five minutes with Bob is to get a lesson in all things Harley Davidson. For a guy whose not so mechanically inclined, it was nice that he assumed that I had a certain level of what can only be called "man motor knowledge", but the truth is beyond changing a flat and my own oil, my understanding of all things automotive ends there.

This weekend also coincided with my having a loaner of a Hasselblad H2 and Phase one P25 from Derrick Brown of Imagelink in Lexington, and I thought a portrait of Bob would be the perfect way to put the new camera through its paces, but more on the camera (and the other shoot I did with it this weekend) tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon Mike and I headed over to spend a few minutes with Bob, and to make a few photos, and my favorite is below.


B&J Cycles, Harley Davidson repair portrait, Ayer, MA