New Custom USB Drives

When I started photographing weddings in 2007, I delivered images via CDs, and eventually DVDs when CDs' maximum capacities no longer was enough for the images we were delivering. Then in 2013, I came across the folks at USB Memory Direct and started delivering custom flash drives with all of my weddings. This coincided well with Apple's removing DVD drives from their iMac's, so I was already searching for a new solution. Fast forward to 2018, and many photographers have started delivering weddings via digital download - which seems like an obvious next step right? Wrong. I never want a couple's first experience seeing their images to be dependent upon the speed of their internet connection or the cloud, and in an age when people are printing less and less, I still find value in the tangible deliverable.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when the USB Memory Direct team reached out to see if I might be interested in testing my logo on some new drive types. Check out the below to see what they came up with. For the present I'll be sticking with my previous design as inventory lasts, but I'm also excited to explore some new paths for deliverables in the near future.


custom USB drives



Disclaimer: While I've been a paying USB Memory customer for years, and will continue to be, they supplied these new test drives at no charge.

Meredith & Eric: Married – Birch Wood Vineyard

It's always fun to kick off the wedding season with friends, and this year that meant spending a (slightly) gray Saturday with Meredith and Eric. Frequent blog readers will remember these two from their ski resort engagment shoot and their wedding was no less fun (though definitely less snowy). We started the day at Meredith's parents' house before a short church ceremony left us heading toward Birch Wood Vineyards. A few favorites:


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Elyssa & Nick: Married – Beauport Hotel Gloucester

Twice to the same venue in a couple of weeks? That's just an opportunity to discover new cool photos at and around the venue. Just a short time after Laura and Brian's wedding I headed back to Gloucester's Beauport Hotel for Elyssa and Nick's ceremony and wedding. Now this wedding was especially memorable for me for reasons having nothing to do with the bride, groom or venue. What? That doesn't make immediate sense? Well Elyssa's dad is a fellow Springsteen junkie (we won't mention that they managed to get tickets to see Bruce on Broadway, while I failed miserably). Along the way he's managed to indoctrinate the entire family into the congregation of E Street, which made for a reception with more "Born to Run" and less "YMCA." I was joined for this one by good friend Stephen Grigoriou and some of the below images are his. A few favorites from the day.