BMW Autocross

I'm always looking for cool photos. Sometimes that means hanging with a beekeeper, other times it means photos of a local world champion windsurfer.  A couple of weeks back Jess and I noticed a rather large number of Porsches making their way past our house, a total parade of expensive cars. After a little internet digging, it turns out that there are a ton of autocross and car events at the old Devens Airfield. So Mike and I took a ride over to an event the BMWCCA's Boston branch was holding to see if there might be an opportunity to shoot some cool portraits of the drivers.

Like any hobby, the range of possibilities is endless, all the way from, "Nothing on this car is from the factory except for the engine," (the first Mini pictured below) to, "This is pretty much stock except for some fancy tires." I could even have taken my RSX out and done my best Top Gear impression if I'd bought or borrowed a helmet. (Also check out the awesome, "I am the Stig" shirt below. That's definitely going on my shopping list.) My favorite car might have been the Honda Civic though - you have to love it when you can see a $300 car on the same course as a $130,000 + Porsche GT3.

Special thanks is due to Dave for coming along to assist and translate general car jargon for the less mechanically inclined of us.

BMW racing at devens BMW Car club portrait

Autocross at Devens

Devens MA, Ayer MA

Boston’s Best Bees

I always have a running list in my head, "Wouldn't it be cool to shoot..." For a long time one of those things was bees and beekeepers. So about a month back I reached out to Noah Wilson-Rich, owner of Boston's Best Bees to see if we might be able to collaborate on a shoot. Boston's Best Bees is a South End based full service beekeeping company - they'll not only teach you how to raise your own hive, but they'll help you harvest your own honey as well.

I can't thank Noah and his team enough for the time they gave me to make these images possible. They even suited up (with zero complaints!) in full beekeeping attire in the middle of the hottest day of the year. After we wrapped our second day of shooting earlier this week, Noah was kind enough to send us home with a few jars of the honey we photographed him harvesting, which has led to Jess and I scouring the web for the best recipes to include the honey in (apparently you can do more than just stick your finger in it, even though that's my preferred method). A few of my favorite images are below, with some behind the scenes shots courtesy of rockstar intern Chase.


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Chase the Intern

A little less than a year ago I got involved with the Daily Orange Alumni Association, which is how I met Chase, the Daily Orange's photo editor. When I learned he'd be spending the summer in Boston, it was a no-brainer to add him to the team as douglaslevy photography's first ever summer intern. It's been a fun summer, and he's faced both long weddings and honeybees in 100-degree heat with aplomb (more on the bees soon). In a few week's he's heading back to the 'Cuse, so we took a few minutes today so test out some new gear and make a few fun images.