A few days in the Keys

With wedding season about to kick off in earnest, Jess and I headed down to the Florida keys for a few days this past week. I'd been all over Florida in my past life as an umpire, but had never made it down to the keys (clearly my loss, because they're gorgeous). Highlights included a snorkeling trip to the world's third largest coral reef (highly recommended), and some jet ski and catamaran rentals. Oh and the hotel with the hammocks and direct view of the bay didn't hurt either. The photos below were all taken with my iPhone and x100. I even gave underwater photography a shot with this iPhone bag, and while the phone survived, the photos...well, they won't be winning me awards anytime soon.


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First roll

I'm not much of a film shooter. In fact, I haven't shot a roll of film since I owned a Canon Elph back in college, but last summer when we were at Jess's parents' house, we found one of her old film Nikons from high school.

The great thing about it being a Nikon was that it meant it would take all of my lenses. Well it's taken me more than 8 months to finish a roll, but last week when my friend Rob Brown turned me on to Old School Photo Lab in New Hampshire, I sent my first roll off, which came back in today's mail. When I opened the scans, well, a few of these were just too good not to share.


Happy Anniversary!


Hard to believe its already been a year since Jess and I were married. It seems like yesterday that I was racing back to Acton from lunch with her dad planning my proposal, hoping I wouldn't be stuck in traffic and late. It's been a fun year, here's to many, many more.


(Our wedding photos by Ned Jackson.)