The Ducky Adventures

During a brief trip to Upstate New York last weekend, I picked up this little fellow, "ducky" at our hotel (he was in the room so you could bathe with him, imagine that. I've stayed at hundreds of hotels in my life, and this was the first one to come with a rubber duck). Anyway, he was too cool to leave there, so I rescued him and took him for some adventures. You can see them here. I think "The Ducky Adventures" may grow into its own series, but we'll see, there's so much random fun to be had with a little yellow rubber duck after all.

Got up at 5:30 (6:28 sunrise according to my friend and hiked out into the woods nearby to shoot this barn. Shhh, don't tell anyone, the park is open "Dawn to Dusk" and I might have been there a touch before "dawn." Oh well, I'll probably go back and get permission, as I'm planning on revisiting this place a bunch once the leaves turn.

Anyway, I shot this with my D200 and Tokina 12-24 and painted the barn with my Wal-Mart special 2-million candlepower flashlight. For more info on this technique, check out the master, Dave Black's site.

Playing with Panos

So it would be fitting that on the day I spend playing with my new lens, my favorite shot of the day is a 6-frame stitched panorama of Boston from Cambridge. Anyway, I know it's fairly cliche, but I still like, and I enjoy the pano-making process. Click on the photo for a larger view.