Two Quick Links

From A Photo Editor, and Editorial, we get advice for new photographers, from photographers. Click here and here for the stories.

For me, I would think that the most valuable bits are in the Photo Editor's post, especially the following,

"8. Eliminate excess Drama from your life.

9. Live beneath your means. Keep things simple.

20. Travel out of the country as much as possible. Learn how other people live. Learn that America is not the center of the universe, and learn that you don’t need your cell phone 24 hours a day. Again, be a sponge, about how other people live."

Talkin’ to the Fed.

I spent an hour last night on the phone with "The Fed" aka James Federico of The Feds Studios in Braintree.

It's always nice to touch base with a local shooter as passionate as I am, especially one who shoots with the exact same gear I do! We were supposed to get together at a local Barnes and Noble so I could show off my DIY Ringlight, but apparently we missed each other and ended up on the phone instead. Hopefully we'll actually get to catch up in person next week, but for now check out the link to his blog.

Anyone else local? The Dunkin's on me.