Strobe High School Soccer

Today I shot Sharon vs. Canton in the state soccer playoffs. Using a little Strobist ingenuity (and my new Pocketwizards), I bungee corded a SB-80DX with 1/2 CTO gel on the football goal post (top photo) to add a little light to a quickly darkening second half.

Also, it's amazing what a little light will do in terms of noise. The second image is at ISO 1600 on my D200, and there's almost no noise. Proof again, that noise is directly related to exposure.

I shot 700 images at the game (which Sharon won 4-2) and only used the strobe for probably 30-40 of them, but I feel like it's the little thing that make your images stand out.

From the “Never Good Enough” Department

Peter King, the Peter Gammons of football writers, writes in this week's Monday Morning Quarterback:

"In the windowless Gillette Stadium office of New England vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli is a 2000 Fleer football card with the "New England Patriots Rookie Stars'' of that season. On one half of the rectangular card is Boise State tight end Dave Stachelski, the 141st pick in the draft, a fifth-round choice. On the other half is Michigan quarterback Tom Brady, the 199th pick in the draft, a sixth-rounder. The 2000 draft was the first New England draft run by Bill Belichick and Pioli.

Stachelski never played a down for New England. Brady is Brady.

Just a little reminder for Pioli: When he starts thinking how brilliantly the Patriots' draft room has been run over the years, he can think back to the day his team chose a no-name tight end who never got out of training camp 55 picks before they picked one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time."