Robin & Justin: Engaged – The Greenbrier

There is no one in your life that you'll know longer than your siblings. So when Robin got engaged this past fall, we all couldn't have been happier. We'd previously met Justin when they spent a weekend with us this past summer, and I have to say Robin, you've clearly outkicked your coverage (take this from someone who did the same). This summer they're hosting a much larger party up this way (which I'll be happily not photographing), but we couldn't resist squeezing in an engagement shoot into this past weekend's activities.

On Friday, we traveled to the stunning Greenbrier near where Justin grew up in West Virginia to meet his family and celebrate a bit (OK, a lot). When we arrived, Jess, Robin, Justin and I spent a little more than an hour wandering the gorgeous property (in 70-degree February weather!) capturing some engagement photos. If you're like me and had never previously heard of the Greenbrier, it's a pretty impressive place. Basically every single outdoor activity you can imagine can be done without getting in your car, including falconry (we were REALLY bummed that this was a seasonal activity) as well as your more typical vacation things like golf and hiking. Oh, and did I mention that there's a secret Cold War bunker that was a Congressional evacuation spot? This place is a total hidden gem. A few favorites:


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Meredith & Eric: Engaged – McIntyre Ski Area

Frequent readers have heard me say this before, but it's so true that it never gets old. The reason I love engagement photos is because they provide an opportunity to do casual photos, doing something somewhere we won't be able to make it to on the wedding day. Looking back, they'll also serve as a window into the time in your life that you got married. Planning an engagement shoot can be as simple as, "We live in Boston but are getting married in Maine," or something like these fun photos that I did with Meredith and Eric last week.

Meredith grew up skiing and teaching at McIntrye, so when they mentioned that they'd already been able to secure permission for us to do engagement photos there, I was pumped. We really wanted it to snow during the shoot, and even though it looked possible, the snow gods didn't quite come through for us. That didn't stop us from making great photos though, and here are a few favorites:


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Brie & Matt: Married – Alden Castle

I should have known that one of my favorite engagement shoots from last year would lead to a great wedding to kick off 2017, and Brie and Matt didn't disappoint (I think my only regret was that I didn't get to stay and party with their family and friends, everyone was just having so much fun.) We started the day at the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square (which, sidenote, has some of the coolest rooms in Boston) before heading to Brookline and Alden Castle for their ceremony and reception. Weddings like this...I get home and it doesn't feel like work, much more like I just spent a few hours hanging out with old friends with my camera in hand. A few favorites:


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