Mallory & Joe: Proposal – Boston

Nine years. Hundreds of weddings. But (there's always a but), I'd never photographed a proposal. I'd seen many of my local photographer friends have the opportunity, but a surprise proposal isn't exactly something you can market toward a target client (boyfriends?) Given that, I was incredibly excited when, in late October, I received an email from Joe, and he explained that he was going to be home for the holidays with his girlfriend Mallory, and was I interested in photographing him proposing to her? I'm not sure I've ever responded to an email so fast, I was way in. Way in. A few weeks later while Mallory was away at class, Joe and I FaceTimed to setup our plan. At that time, the long range Boston weather forecast called for a rainy day in the '40s, so we chatted about backup plans and what to do if it rained. What we didn't anticipate was...Antarctica. I'm still not sure what Joe said to convince Mallory that yes, they really should go for a walk along the Boston waterfront on the coldest day of the year.

Joe had texted me ahead of time that their train was on time, and I was waiting along the waterfront with gloves full of chemical handwarmers taking photos of the Boston skyline. A few minutes later Mallory and Joe came walking along and he asked if I wouldn't mind taking a photo of them (as we'd planned). What we hadn't planned on was Mallory then handing me her iPhone. At that moment I was praying Joe didn't propose while I was holding the iPhone and thinking, "I need to improvise here so I can get back to capturing this on my camera." After the iPhone photo, I said, "Let me get one of you guys with my camera, I'll e-mail it you." And then came the top photo from below. After she said yes, we spent a few minutes walking around South Boston, their old neighborhood, grabbing coffee to ensure no one went home with frostbite. After I left them, I made a quick sunset stop at one of my favorite Boston spots to snag a photo for Mallory and Joe's wall to remember our short adventure together.

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