Come Together

I'm very, very excited to be able to finally share some of the images and the video from May's "Come Together" event at the Currier Museum in Manchester, New Hampshire. The brainchild of my friends Lara and Kate from the Studio Nouveau, Come Together gave couples who never received their wedding photos after hiring Forever in Time Photography (story here) a second chance at having some images to savor.

Mad credit to my friends MKD and Tony for the amazing video you see above, you guys really outdid yourselves. I'd also be remiss to fail to point the brunt of the credit for this great event where it really belongs - Lara and Kate worked long hours to pull off this event, and it really would never have come to fruition without their imaginations, creativity and hard work.

Check out the video for some images from all the photographers who participated. A few of my favorite are below.

Come Together Event at Manchester's Currier Museum Come Together Event at the Currier Museum in Manchester new Hampshire wedding photography at the Currier Museum, Manchester, New Hampshire