Ballet at the Navy yard

A ballerina performs at the Charlestown Navy yard, near Boston, Ma

I do not exaggerate when I say that I have been wanting to make the above photo for a year and a half. Last week, my friend Megan put me in touch with the lovely Courtney and we made plans to shoot Sunday night over at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Also, Saturday morning I was lucky enough to convince the always-awesome Shyla to tag along and shoot with me, so you can expect to see images from her shortly.

Sunday night when I got home I really was a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve - I was too excited to sleep so I stayed up until 3 a.m. editing the photos and video. Wha? Video what? Oh yeah, there was video too :-) I'm no Mike Duval, but I was pretty happy for my first attempt.

Thanks to my friends at LensProToGo, I had a Nikon D3s that I set on a tripod to record while I shot - you can see that video below (Like the song? The musician is James Dunn, the husband of one of my closest friends from college).

Before I get to the video, here's one more of my favorite images from Sunday:

Ballet at the Charlestown Navy Yard, near Boston, MA

I'd write more, but I think the video really says it all.