So I think I have a problem

Thank you Chase Jarvis. No, really, thank you. As a direct result of your recent blog post I have added another 15 blogs to my Google Reader subscription. I'm up to 72 blogs, 71 of which are photo related. So, as they say, "Hi, my name is Doug, and I have a problem." Or something like that.

So, to that end, I link you to another one of my new blog additions, commericial/editorial shooter Andrew Heatherginton's blog, "Whats the Jackanory?" Today he blogs a very cool behind-the-scenes You Tube video that goes behind the scenes at a Rolling Stone cover shoot with the newly reunited Police.

So, what are my "must reads" - the blogs I couldn't live without? There's two. The best lighting blog on the Web, aka, "The Strobist" and the Photoshop Insider blog, by Scott Kelby.